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How Can We Earn From This Website?

Google AdSense

Paste your “AdSense Code” on the post and get paid for each and every clicks

Affiliate Program

Create Pillar content with product reviews and update on the site. Earn commission from Online Product Selling Websites.


Give the space for advertiser’s advertisement banners or codes on your site and charge them per week or per click

Guest Post

Get the quality content and give the link to niche related website then charge a minimum $20 to $300 per post to provide 1 do-follow link

How Much You Can Earn?

Google AdSense

Average Monthly Earning:

$200 to $500

Based on the number of posts exists on top position

Affiliate Program

Average Monthly Earning:

$100 to $500

Based on the quality & interesting buying guide articles reaches the visitors


Average Monthly Earning:

$200 to $1000

Based on the site’s metrics and traffic, We charge from advertisers

Guest Post

Average Monthly Earning:

$200 to $400

We expect $10 to $30 per guest post initially. Once it reaches good metrics, we charge more.

Stunning Website Packs

$100 Discount for All Packages

What If I’m In An Emergency

If you need money after 1 year because of emergency you can do the following things

Domain Sale

Domain’s DA will reach at least 15 in 1 year. Then you can sell it for at least $50 to $150 based on inbound links.

Guest Post

Can provide guest post after the domain gets some good metrics with well-researched articles.

Website Sale

If you are in an emergency or don’t have time to manage the website, you can sell it at least $1500 to $2000. It’ss a good investment method.

How Can We Help In This?

1. We use your blog for SEO if it has good metrics and receives traffic

2. For domain sale, we spread on social media and send mail to our customers

3. Sometimes we get mail request for the old website to purchase, we will refer your website and sell

4. Last but not least, we can use your blog as quality PBN also.


Refund Policy

Up to $400 Refund if you can’t see any earning within 1.5 years.

Note: You must be followed our strategies before


1. Do you use "Premium Theme"

Yes, we use the premium theme on the site. You can choose your interesting theme from mythemeshop.

3. What is the TAT?

Maximum 25 to 40 days to deliver excellent website.

5. What about Domain and Hosting

Domain and Hosting are yours.

7. Can I pay for SEO later?

Yes, you can reduce $129 and send a remaining payment for a complete website via PayPal directly.

2. Can I use my website for both AdSense & Affiliate program?

Definitely. But when you submitting the site for “AdSense Approval”, you must not be used any other affiliate links or advertisement banners. No worries, we will guide you.

4. How can you give 100% Assurance?

Because of our quality work. We create & design everything 100% properly.

6. Refund policy?

Up to $400 Refund for Gold & Platinum packs after 1.5 years if not succeed. But you have to follow our strategies clearly.

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