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Well trained to provide a high-quality buying guide and product reviews

Page Design

We install and add extra CSS code to make the site and page design looks nice and engageable

Part of SEO

Will do each and every post SEO friendly and start off page SEO to rank every keyword. But follow our instructions properly


Websites will come with following features


1000 to 10000+ USA Monthly Searches


Easy To Rank


30 to 50 Secondary keywords


Clean Competitor Analysis Report


100% Copyscaped


Hand written Only


Contact us / Privacy policy / About Us Pages


XML Sitemap / HTML Sitemap / Robots.txt


Lincensed Images


Required & Paid Plugins


Finding Trending Niche


Weak Competitors


EMD, Non EMD & SEMI EMD Suggestion


3000 to 25000+ Monthly Searches Totally


Unique & Well Researched Content


SEO Optimized Articles


Creative Logo & Banner Design


Licensed Responsive & Premium Themes


Mobile Friendly Themes



Amazon Affiliate BHW Packs

Authority Site Pack

Up to 50% Discount Available

TAT for Big Packages is 15 to 25 Working Days

TAT differ based on the Pack

For Premium Themes

Do you need a premium theme only? Then you can purchase here at $8

Customer Reviews

order from him. he seems to be busy but he try to always respond every of my word. I have bad english but he still can understand for what I mean :)


Placed an Order,From Forum

this is my initial review: i received my keyword research as part of the website package. nothing i can say but wow! honestly this is the best keyword research service here. seo difficulty is only 12! i cant wait for the finished website.

overall this is a great service to have. i will write my review again once i get hold of the finish site. kudos to @jackteam for a great job


Review,From Forum

Received my keyword, KWRevealer score of 12. Same keyword scored 18 using Keysearch and KD1 on Ahrefs.
I also managed to get a .com EMD
Communication is good.


Review,From Forum

review time!
I got my full website today. some delay came up but the wait is worth it!
focus keyword: as discussed before, the keyword focus on this site is great, very low competition which is excellent for ranking.
Design: the website got a paid theme, plus the banner and logo created are great. (great job on this @jackteam )
Article content: I was given 2500 well written article (with 3 product reviews) at the homepage. keyword placement are great as well.
Others: about us, privacy policy, affiliate disclosure and contact us is also included.
As an added bonus, necessary plugins are installed to your site. there no much work to be done on the site, (just wait for it to rank – that’s all – i guess :D)
Verdict: i give @jackteam 9.5/10 on this. (same as my other provider :) )
p.s. you may want to consider his separate amazon buyer keywords and professional article service :)


Review,From Forum

Hey Just Wanted to Give my Review on This Amazon Affiliate Website
I bought the 42$ Package But i got a discount which was 21$
The $42 Package is Worth Getting If you just starting off with this
This is very good way to start your Affiliate business online
First Time Talking to those Guy Was Great Great Customer Service
They Provide me with Very competition Keywords That can Rank my Niche Very Easy
They Build my website very quicky also an i will be going back for more website to be made by them

This is My Review on This
GoodLuck Everyone


Review,From Forum

So the review time
Bought medium plan for testing at August 22.
So first thing TAT is very poor, made order on August 22 = they done the job in September 11. ( As OP said due discount had many orders to handle).
Keywords there great like promised.
Also all domains with keyword was free to register.
Content: Got one article with 500 word’s and a grammar mistake on product title, but when i asked why only one article i got answer: “We were providing 500 words in discount package” – so i a bit disappointed.
Banner, Logo, site design, used plugins – great work.
Site speed on desktop – 87 great.
Only one thing in robots.txt make me suppositious why add crawl delay 10.
Will i recommend to buy – i don’t know yet i will try other services and then will know :)


Review,From Forum

My Review
– Keyword service : im statisfied, with low competition and 1k search
– Article : good and with unique readable score is high…good for SEO
– Design : Decent, score 8.5 out of 10
Good for the low price site


Review,From Forum

Purchased the Ultimate package for a discount price. Jackteam really knows what they are doing.
Most amazing part of their job is keyword research. Jackteam is one of the best keyword researchers on BHW. I have another keyword bought from them few months ago which is currently ranking on the 2nd page without much effort.
Jackteam provided low competition 1000+ search volume buyer intent keyword within few days I bought the service. Then I did a manual research on that keyword and found that it is good to go. Most importantly it is a buyer intent keyword.
They have provided 1500 words article for the discounted package. They know how to write quality affiliate targeted articles.
Jackteam Designed my website including the logo and banner. They asked my ideas while doing the designs.
Communication is the next best thing. They are easy to communicate and very friendly. You can discuss any related thing with them.
Now it is my turn to rank the site. Will definitely work with jackteam with the suscess of this site.

cham rox

Review,From Forum

Website now delivered (except for the backlinks). Was delivered late but understandable due to holidays. Seller is very helpful and responsive. If this goes well, I will order more. :)


Review,From Forum

Order received.
The keywords provided were as described with low competition and quit easy to rank. Some of them already on 1st day ranked to 29 position.
As well as this I have ordered the content written by native English speaker . It was as well a good quality. Now I have ordered some content to be written by non-native English speaker. Will update you here on a quality
Thank you


Review,From Forum

My Review:
I bought the Package 6 Amazon Site
Crux was great to deal with, always responded to my questions on Skype and gave me updates when I asked.
It took longer than the advertised time, but Crux offset this by giving me extra articles. Which I was happy with.
Quality of articles was great, did not have to fix anything up and all made sense. Website looked great and the one small change I wanted done was done within 10 mins. I was given all files for editing myself PSDs etc.
Overall, I am very happy and will give this 9/10, (would have got 10 if completed a little sooner).
A great service which I will be ordering again soon.


Review,From Forum

I am satisfied with your results
I am looking forward to the future


Review,From Forum

I ordered an Authority site pack 8 (Top pack) on the third week of December, received keyword within a week, the keyword is really easy to rank with Amazon product price above $100 I am 100% satisfied with the keyword.
After two weeks I received the completed site with a pillar content more than 4000 words. and blog content with 2000 words, Design is simple and neat with custom logo …
@jackteam is always available on Skype, will respond within mins. The only issue for me is TAT in OP it was 7 to 9 days, but it took me 3 weeks…
My rating is 8/10
Overall the Pillar content and keyword is worth the money I have spent…
Now I am planning to order more content from @jackteam


Review,From Forum

I’ve ordered Pack-7 and got my full website, the keywords where awesome and easy to rank and the overall website design it easy to read and browse, i’ve liked the service because the seller never hesitated to over his help with no question asked, he even entered into my amazon affiliate account and generated the links of the products and entered them into my website, i recommend this seller and service for anyone interested in trying amazon affiliate business.

i am happy to give a 5 starts for this awesome service, good luck.


Review,From Forum

I received my website a few weeks ago. It was well designed and included 3 product reviews. Almost 1000 words!!! The content was native English well written and passed copyscape. The website also included privacy, Amazon info etc.

I purchased the Pack 4. Im actually not sure if this package included a logo. I did not receive a logo. Perhaps I should buy the Ultimate Authority Pack you have listed above for $58. I will be willing to pay the difference to make this site an Authority Pack. Please let me know the cost to upgrade this site.

I am truly impressed with my quality of work received for my $30. Jackteam customer service was phenomenal. I dont expect someone offering a service to respond to me immediately. I realize that would mean he is responding to everyone else immediately. Op usually responded within 24 hours. I received my keyword report in about 48 hours. I believe this is the OP specialty.

I received my product reviews in about a week. I delayed response about a week as Jackteam informed me I bought the wrong hosting. I had to refund and choose another hosting of my own. I shopped around several days and held up the process. As soon as I uploaded details I received the completed work in around a week time. From start to finish everything was completed in less than 3 weeks including my approximately 1 week delay.

Thank you Jackteam for offering such a service for such a reasonable price.


Review,From Forum

great service i had my website on time with good design and unique content thank you gonna come back again


Review,From Forum

ordered Amazon Affiliate site Pack No. 8 on 26th Oct & received Keyword report on 2nd Nov, keyword report was really awesome.
final site with all files received on 23rd Nov almost 26 days TAT which is a drawback.(he promised TAT 12 to 15 business days)
the site well built with the nice theme, graphics & logo was impressive, the content was 4,000 words homepage & 2 support articles each 500 words as described,
there was no comparison table & few things missed so when mailed him he fixed that. everything is delivered as promised but the thing is when i uploaded content with Grammerly performance score was 81, there were few grammatical errors i mailed him, need his response.
overall nice job was done by @jackteam , highly recommended service!


Review,From Forum

I ordered the amazon pack 8 on November 4th and toke 3 weeks to complete.
Otherwise to the time, I was satisfied with the work that was done.
Nice graphics and logos.
Communication was fast and friendly using Skype
Thank you to the JackTeam


Review,From Forum

Just got my first affiliate website done. Very good content and articles ! It took a little longer than I expected but its worth the wait!. It will be very easy to add more to the site in the future and build more content. Thanks !!


Review,From Forum

Cooperate with this guy few weeks. Great quality articles, nice support but the main advantage is:
great webdesign social skills
he can decorate posts in perfect way, many plugins help with that



Review,From Forum


1. Are the Themes and Images licensed?
Yes, Everything is licensed in our service, so you will not face any problems in future

3. What is the TAT?
We will deliver the sites in 8 to 12 Business days.

5. What about Domain and Hosting
You pay for them and simply send WordPress login details. Then we will start designing. No worries

2. Can you provide extra Articles?
Yes, Sure, We will provide extra articles if you needed and you can choose the writers, whether native speaker or others

4. How can i place an orders?
Just send one PM or Email enough. We will give you PayPal id or place here directly.

6. Refund policy?
There is no refund in our service. But 100% Guaranteed that you will be satisfied. You can ask if you have any queries, we are always here to assist you.

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