Every businessman and professional needs to attract more customer toward his business and we all know the internet is the fastest and trusted platform where we can meet potential customers easily. No matter what you are a running any business, online marketer or content writer. You will always wish that more and more people should visit your website, read details about your products and services and buy your services and product. The most effortless way to find your potential customer is to look at what they are searching over the internet or what keywords they are using to make their search.

People’s search over the internet is an overview of their choice, taste, interest and needs. A business would get directly benefits from analysis, search trends over google. Her you can easily find terms related to your business domain and you can modify the content of your websites so that it can serve the real requirements of customers.

Micro niche sites actually act like the money making tool on the internet. Theses site concentrate on a particular topic so much that if you use to make any search related to its keyword, you would definitely find the site in the list. This website actually does not tend to attract a lot of traffic, but they are designed to make money on less traffic. Of course, the reason behind this is that you get only targeted traffic or viewers to your content and targeted traffic act more positively and perform better than un-targeted traffic. You can also use tools like ad sense, click bank, affiliate program and CPA.

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